Sustainability champions: this man, unable to walk, uses bare hands to clean lake every day, collects and fills boat with plastic bottles

For the past five years, 69-year-old NS Rajappan has been collecting discarded plastic waste from the Vembanad Lake. Despite the fact that he does not own a boat, he rents one every day and gets out early in the morning to collect plastic bottles that have been dumped in the seas.? But that didn’t stop him from doing his part to protect the environment. He has been traveling to the lake to collect water bottles on a regular basis for over a decade. It is easier for him to row a boat than to navigate the roadways.? ?Rajappan then sells the plastic bottles he has collected. Plastic bottles will weigh less than one kilogram in a boat. Rajappan is paid Rs 12 per kilogram (16 cents USD). But NS believes that somebody should remove the waste from the water. ??Because the number of tourists visiting the lake has decreased in recent months, NS has seen a decrease in the amount of plastic debris in the lake. “Even if it means I won’t be able to make enough money,” Rajappan says, “I’m simply glad the lake will stay clean.”?

Source: Sustainability Champions, The Better India??

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